Zamong jazba welfare society is a non-governmental, non- profitable & non-political organization in district Mardan (KPK) Pakistan, working in the mission “fulfilling the basic needs of orphans & helpless children. The establishment of this organization came in to being from the platform of “Friends Community Mardan” which was a small group of friends belonging from district Mardan, containing ten energetic, educated & sympathetic youth. Friends Community Mardan was taking interest in social welfare activities along with their personal gathering and arrangement of different events for their refreshment.

As they were helped the flood affected people of Tehsil Mardan in 2006, and like that, they helped with IDP,s in Mardan during Pak army operation in Swat and bajaur agency in 2009-10.Similarly the sympathetic and energetic members of Friends Community Mardan with the collaboration of other youth belonging from different areas of Mardan also helped with the flood affected people of district Nowshehra and charsada in august 2010.  In the meeting of Friends Community Mardan, one of the energetic members of FCM, named Mr. Muhammad Arif provided the idea for the establishment of a formal organization through which the youth of Mardan can utilize their abilities for the sake of humanity. This idea was accepted by the all members of FCM.  And in short time the members of FCM collectively make possible the establishment of Mr. Arif, s idea, in shape of zamong jazba welfare society, which came in to being on 7th October 2010.

Although the establishment of zamong Jazba welfare society was the collective struggle of FCM yet few members had great interest in the establishment of ZJWS and their names will be remember forever in the history of ZJWS. Those members are:

  • Muhammad Arif provided the idea of ZJWS.
  • Ghani Rahman made the vision, mission and slogan of ZJWS.
  • Muhammad Umer Saleem provided the idea for the name of organization (Zamong Jazba welfare Society)
  • Muhammad Yasir made the logo of ZJWS.
  • Muhammad Pervez has made the constitution of ZJWS.

Basic education and health facilities are the rights of all children to be arranged at their doors steps because they are the grains of a peaceful society. As the wave of brainwashing, instigation for suicide bomber and the instability of environment is going on because of extremists, which result no access of orphans and helpless children to the orphan’s hostel. And their families also feel hesitation and fear for allowing their children to orphan hostels. So the result of this critical situation is illiteracy, child labor and poverty which are the sources of a bad nation.   In this situation the major initiatives has taken by zamong jazba welfare society (Regd) to fulfill the basic needs of orphans and helpless children at their doors steps.

Its main objective is to educate and provide basic health care facilities to orphans and helpless children as to make them productive citizens in order to face effectively future challenges and make the nation peaceful. Zamong jazba is Pashto word meaning (our passion) representing the passion of whole humanity and specially the passion of youth for defeating the poverty of orphans and helpless children. Zamong Jazba established in October 2010 and got registration in March, 2012 under voluntary social welfare agencies ordinance 1961 with Directorate Social Welfare Peshawar, KPK Pakistan. Zamong Jazba welfare Society encourages and train the youth to utilize their abilities for the reduction of orphans and helpless children poverty as to make the society peaceful.