Q: What should I expect at my first consultation?
Ans: Your physical therapist will inquire about the history leading up to your condition and ask you a series of questions regarding your area of discomfort. For example: When do you experience the pain? What aggravates your pain? What are you unable to do? What are the movement restrictions you are experiencing because of your pain? What are your mobility and activity goals?

Q: Do I need a referral?
Ans: A medical referral is only necessary if you have been injured at work or if it is required by your health insurance for coverage. If not, you do no not need a medical referral to receive treatment from a physical therapist. Many local insurance providers do not require a referral.

Q: Does my health insurance cover physical therapy?
Ans: Almost all health insurance plans cover physical therapy. Contact your health insurance customer service by calling the number on the back of your insurance card, review your plan coverage online, or consult with your employer’s benefits manager to determine the extent of insurance coverage for physical therapy.

Q: How long will treatment take?
Ans: Your initial consultation will take approximately 60 minutes and will begin with an evaluation and initiation of treatment. Follow-up treatments usually last 45 to 60 minutes depending on the assessment of your condition and your treatment plan. Your physical therapist can provide you an estimate of the duration of your treatment plan.

Q: Is parking available and convenient at the clinic?
Ans: Advantage PT provides easy access to our clients. Plenty of free parking spaces are conveniently available directly in front of our clinic at Redmond Town Center.

Q: Will I be provided exercises and advice to work through a self-managed program for improvement?
Ans: Advantage PT will ensure that you are prescribed a full exercise program to accelerate improvement in your movement performance. We generate a tailored program that often includes videos or detailed pictures, written instructions regarding repetitions, and a suggested schedule for your reference.